Saturday, October 1, 2011

I dropped into Fabricville again today...and (wait for it) bought NO fabric-amazing I know. Instead I bought dye and thread (black).

I have a jean skirt that I love..all except the faded look at the top of the skirt. So that's going to be dyed.

I also have a favorite shirt in a bright cornflower blue that has faded. This one is going to be tricky, as it has embroidery on it. I may just dye over it, leaving the embroidery blackish. Dunno.

Lastly, I have a favorite brown cotton skirt that floofs when you walk. It, alas, has also faded..and has a busted zipper that I plan to fix. Those small plastic hidden zippers tend to be cheap and break. I don't like them at all.

I also stopped at the garden center and bought 2 daffodil bulbs for my daughter who went crazy for them this spring-she was so excited.

Here are some pics from our trip to Ontario:

Niagara Falls
Large land snails my daughter fell in love with at Niagara Falls.

Our crazy family in a twisted mirror at the Science Center.
My youngest in awe of a model spaceship at the Science Center.
The gang at the Medieval Dinner and show-it was fun!

Medieval show!
The King with his Queen :)
Tally-ho! Going for a ride at Canada's Wonderland-one of the tamer ones!!
Here are some videos we took of the wilder rides we were on-too funny. The guy screaming is my husband ;)

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