Friday, September 30, 2011

Shopping Fabric!!

My dear husband dropped me off in Ottawa street while we were on vacation in Ontario. Ottawa street is all fabric and the parking lot and signs are all buttons and spools (see pic on the side).

I shopped with my daughter-what fun!

Here are the fabrics I picked up. They're all quilting fabrics, as I needed more for the two quilts I'm working on (one king sized for hubby and I, and one for my daughter that she doesn't know about).

AND as promised, here is a pic of the cathedral window quilt in progress:


Sarah said...


Neat blog! That is going to be a stunning Cathedral Windows quilt!

Here's a link to my blog article for a CW that is being raffled tomorrow at a fundraiser.

Sarah @

Eve said...

Thanks for stopping by, Sarah. :)