Monday, October 24, 2011

The latest news and projects

It's been a while since I've posted. We had a great visit this weekend with a good friend and honorary grampy to my kids.

We had some sad news on Friday morning at finding one of our three bunnies dead. He seemed to have died of natural causes and just wouldn't come out to see us one day. My daughter was distraught.Her father cheered her up by bringing home a new dwarf black bunny-she was thrilled.
New bunny-Sir Douglas

My poor hubby cut his thumb with the chainsaw and had to get 5 stitches. Hard to do carpentry work like that, but he's managing.
hubby at work

I'm still shelling beans for winter storage. There seems to be no end to them, which is good, 'cause there'll be lots for the winter.
Beans to shell.
Shelled beans.

I've heard that the price of meat is to go up 30% and the price of grain up 20% this winter. We are thinking of getting a 1/2 side of beef for the freezer for this winter, while it's cheaper.

I was given a bucket of carrots and a large pot of grapes, so I guess I'll be dealing with those today.

I've finished up some sewing projects I had on the go. Here are some pics:
Sweater dress-made from recycled sweaters.
Night dress

details on nightdress

details on nightdress
dress details


La joie d'apprendre! said...

Wow, beautiful work Eve,
You are soooo talented :-)

Eve said...

Thanks Nancy! I take after you, I guess :)