Monday, October 3, 2011

New soaps, Apple orchards, and Scarfs

So tired tonight. I made soap...lots of batches of soap. Some of them are...Ginger Peach, Coconut, Lavender (with real lavender ground in and decorated with oregano blossoms), Red Delicious Apple (so Yummy!!-with dried rose petals on top of this pink soap), a plain soap bar batch for my mom, a small batch of lilac (very mild scented), oh! and a lovely chocolate topped with curled/grated chocolate soap on top...I think that's it.  I will take pics soon for you to see :)
Chocolate soap with chocolate shavings.
Red Delicious Apple soap with Rose petals.

I finished the ends of a bunch of scarfs that I bought. Someone had started to make them and never finished. I finished them (yes, I took on someone else's UFO project!)

I also sewed up a few blocks on my tessellation quilt before making supper.

Mom came over after lunch and we made a quick jaunt down to the apple orchard...which reminds me, I better go check the apple crisp in the oven....
Apple Crisp

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