Friday, October 28, 2011

Full Slip

Here's a great link on how to make a full slip

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Our family has opted to forgo immunizations. Like it or lump it. Our choice.

When my hubby cut his thumb with a chain saw, he chose to get a tetanus shot. He got more than he bargained. He was informed, after he got the shot, that it comes the with whooping cough vaccine. Tetanus with whooping cough??! Why? Is he really going to suffer from whooping cough by being cut with a chain saw? Why not tell us before? Even better, why not ask?

This fall, the government really pushed the whooping cough vaccine with emotionally charged ads every 5 minutes on TV. Now they are sneaking in the vaccine with other shots. Who really knows what's going into us? Are there other things in our needles that we don't know about?. Kind of scary. Kind of maddening.

NEW: Interesting note. A friend of mine on facebook just posted this, "Yesterday Ken (her husband) got his flu shot and passed out." They're testing to see what the problem is. I've heard tons of horror stories of the flu shot. They wouldn't give it to my (then) pregnant sister because they said it wasn't tested enough but they wanted to give her the then new swine flu shot!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

The latest news and projects

It's been a while since I've posted. We had a great visit this weekend with a good friend and honorary grampy to my kids.

We had some sad news on Friday morning at finding one of our three bunnies dead. He seemed to have died of natural causes and just wouldn't come out to see us one day. My daughter was distraught.Her father cheered her up by bringing home a new dwarf black bunny-she was thrilled.
New bunny-Sir Douglas

My poor hubby cut his thumb with the chainsaw and had to get 5 stitches. Hard to do carpentry work like that, but he's managing.
hubby at work

I'm still shelling beans for winter storage. There seems to be no end to them, which is good, 'cause there'll be lots for the winter.
Beans to shell.
Shelled beans.

I've heard that the price of meat is to go up 30% and the price of grain up 20% this winter. We are thinking of getting a 1/2 side of beef for the freezer for this winter, while it's cheaper.

I was given a bucket of carrots and a large pot of grapes, so I guess I'll be dealing with those today.

I've finished up some sewing projects I had on the go. Here are some pics:
Sweater dress-made from recycled sweaters.
Night dress

details on nightdress

details on nightdress
dress details

Monday, October 3, 2011

New soaps, Apple orchards, and Scarfs

So tired tonight. I made soap...lots of batches of soap. Some of them are...Ginger Peach, Coconut, Lavender (with real lavender ground in and decorated with oregano blossoms), Red Delicious Apple (so Yummy!!-with dried rose petals on top of this pink soap), a plain soap bar batch for my mom, a small batch of lilac (very mild scented), oh! and a lovely chocolate topped with curled/grated chocolate soap on top...I think that's it.  I will take pics soon for you to see :)
Chocolate soap with chocolate shavings.
Red Delicious Apple soap with Rose petals.

I finished the ends of a bunch of scarfs that I bought. Someone had started to make them and never finished. I finished them (yes, I took on someone else's UFO project!)

I also sewed up a few blocks on my tessellation quilt before making supper.

Mom came over after lunch and we made a quick jaunt down to the apple orchard...which reminds me, I better go check the apple crisp in the oven....
Apple Crisp

Saturday, October 1, 2011

I dropped into Fabricville again today...and (wait for it) bought NO fabric-amazing I know. Instead I bought dye and thread (black).

I have a jean skirt that I love..all except the faded look at the top of the skirt. So that's going to be dyed.

I also have a favorite shirt in a bright cornflower blue that has faded. This one is going to be tricky, as it has embroidery on it. I may just dye over it, leaving the embroidery blackish. Dunno.

Lastly, I have a favorite brown cotton skirt that floofs when you walk. It, alas, has also faded..and has a busted zipper that I plan to fix. Those small plastic hidden zippers tend to be cheap and break. I don't like them at all.

I also stopped at the garden center and bought 2 daffodil bulbs for my daughter who went crazy for them this spring-she was so excited.

Here are some pics from our trip to Ontario:

Niagara Falls
Large land snails my daughter fell in love with at Niagara Falls.

Our crazy family in a twisted mirror at the Science Center.
My youngest in awe of a model spaceship at the Science Center.
The gang at the Medieval Dinner and show-it was fun!

Medieval show!
The King with his Queen :)
Tally-ho! Going for a ride at Canada's Wonderland-one of the tamer ones!!
Here are some videos we took of the wilder rides we were on-too funny. The guy screaming is my husband ;)