Thursday, October 27, 2011


Our family has opted to forgo immunizations. Like it or lump it. Our choice.

When my hubby cut his thumb with a chain saw, he chose to get a tetanus shot. He got more than he bargained. He was informed, after he got the shot, that it comes the with whooping cough vaccine. Tetanus with whooping cough??! Why? Is he really going to suffer from whooping cough by being cut with a chain saw? Why not tell us before? Even better, why not ask?

This fall, the government really pushed the whooping cough vaccine with emotionally charged ads every 5 minutes on TV. Now they are sneaking in the vaccine with other shots. Who really knows what's going into us? Are there other things in our needles that we don't know about?. Kind of scary. Kind of maddening.

NEW: Interesting note. A friend of mine on facebook just posted this, "Yesterday Ken (her husband) got his flu shot and passed out." They're testing to see what the problem is. I've heard tons of horror stories of the flu shot. They wouldn't give it to my (then) pregnant sister because they said it wasn't tested enough but they wanted to give her the then new swine flu shot!!

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