Friday, March 29, 2013

Card Making

Here are some of my latest cards:

The goose girl. This one turned out to be a lovely surprise. I love the colors.

I love the steampunk feel of this one-very me.

bday for my aunt. I love the center button.

Alice in Wonderland. Lots of small details that were fun. Interesting colors that actually work together.

Cathedral windows. This one combines quilting tecniques with card making.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Designing a meal

Tonight I designed an epic meal, one that we will remember for a while.

It started with a pork roast, the top of which diamond lines were cut into to allow the sauce to seep into as I applied it periodically. It was also studded with cloves. It turned out tender and tasty.

To this I added whipped potatoes and parsleyed carrots. (I'm stuffed).

I wish I took a picture, but I forgot.

Next I made this dessert:

It's a no-egg chocolate cake ( although it did not call for milk either-I did add some instead of the water. I also doubled the recipe to make a double layer). I then made a chocolate sauce and whipped cream. I poured chocolate sauce over the first layer and put on the top cake layer.  I put holes in the top layer with the end of a butter knife and poured the whip cream into them and over the top. I then drizzled the sauce over the whole thing. Yummy!!

I loved all the recipes-I will do it again.