Tuesday, August 23, 2011

To the Fair we go!

My kids and I are getting geared up for the St. Marie Expo which is the local fair here. Featured are the agricultural/crafts/home economics/animals. And lets not forget the rides!

So excited! I'm entering 3 pages of items to be judged. Hopefully I'll win a few ribbons (and some cash prizes as well.)

My daughter has brown bread and whole wheat bread and rolls in the oven as we speak. Should be quite something else if she wins (being 11) against all those grammies ;)

I have a quilt, knitted items, and lots of garden produce. I may even raid my mother's flowers for some bouquets!

We are looking forward to petting the lambs, seeing the HUGE horses, and looking at everything. (and of course, the rides for the boys).

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