Tuesday, August 30, 2011

In a Pickle

I made a batch of dill pickles today but didn't have enough cukes to do a batch (drat all that spring rain), so I used zucchini spears instead. I'll let you know how they turn out in a month or two (when we pop open a battle and try them.

I also harvested most of my broccoli today. De-worming them is a chore (I farm organically). Some have suggested salt water soaks, but the silly things attach themselves to the broccoli with fine silk. The trick I use is to pour hot tap water over the whole bunch and shake vigorously. Then I slice off pieces and put them under hot tap water while finely inspecting and separating branches. Then I blanch and freeze. Works great.

I finally decided on a solid black background for my daughter's hope chest quilt. I eyed the blue batiks that were on sale (buy one get two meters free) but I passed on it. The colors on the cathedral window quilt will stand out so much better on black.

I also found some old fashioned map fabric for my map loving youngest son. He needs a new quilt as well.

We helped my mom pick all her latest cukes and veggies from the garden. She kept one and gave me the rest, so guess what I'm doing tomorrow? Pickles! Mustard pickles. I should be able to make 2 batches (about 52 jars!!) I'm getting the kids to help, though!

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