Monday, March 4, 2013

Designing a meal

Tonight I designed an epic meal, one that we will remember for a while.

It started with a pork roast, the top of which diamond lines were cut into to allow the sauce to seep into as I applied it periodically. It was also studded with cloves. It turned out tender and tasty.

To this I added whipped potatoes and parsleyed carrots. (I'm stuffed).

I wish I took a picture, but I forgot.

Next I made this dessert:

It's a no-egg chocolate cake ( although it did not call for milk either-I did add some instead of the water. I also doubled the recipe to make a double layer). I then made a chocolate sauce and whipped cream. I poured chocolate sauce over the first layer and put on the top cake layer.  I put holes in the top layer with the end of a butter knife and poured the whip cream into them and over the top. I then drizzled the sauce over the whole thing. Yummy!!

I loved all the recipes-I will do it again.

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