Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sewing plans

I totally misunderstood how much wool I was getting-and I'm so glad! It is now do-able.

I found some black fabric that matches what I already have for my daughter's quilt, and even at a decent price. Happy!

The ladies in our Handicraft Haven group came over Thursday and we were in the sheep fleece. We learned how to skirt a fleece, wash it, pick it, card it, and spin it. It was quite fun (and smelly).

My friend Stephanie finished her first quilt and brought it at our meeting to show us. Lovely!

I'm planning on doing some sewing today. I'm making myself a biscuit quilt purse (or puff purse) in cranberry, navy, black, and...what was that other color....? Dunno. I found  a belt to use for the straps. Should be nice.

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