Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer Plans

I have all these great ideas to write in the evening but when I sit down, my mind goes blank.

We are moving and I'll be away from the computer for 2 months.

We went to King's Landing yesterday. I loved to see everything and really got inspired to make more things by hand. There is a look and feeling of hominess, love and beauty that so permeates everything made by hand. I want to do that for my family.

I want to make braided rugs (they had woven cloth carpets in some of the houses-what a load of work!). Also, the next quilts I make, I plan to have real cotton in it to authenticate the real feel and look of a quilt-besides providing better warmth and fewer chemicals.

This summer, we will be at the cottage lots. I plan to bring my fabric and squares and do some hand sewing. It is much more portable, and I'm suspecting it will also be quite enjoyable.

I also plan to bring my knitting along and my spinning. Nice to have some variety.

I have a few books that I plan on reading as well. So Much More by Anna Sophia and Elizabeth Botkin (great for women of all ages), Logic by Isaac Watts (which used to be a textbook-wow! See how far we've fallen in our literacy), and Raising maidens of Virtue by Stacy McDonald (mother and daughter book). That should keep me going all summer.

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