Monday, November 19, 2007


A picture that my eldest son drew made into a quilt block. It is hand appliqued, button eye, free motion machine embroidered spine, fangs, and claws.


Todd Nielsen said...

Hi Creative one.

This is a pretty nice looking composition(new blog site that is-the quilting and shoes are too)...not as nice looking as you of course.

My blogsite "GoEvangelism" could use a touch such as yours. I kind of had an idea of giving it an Urban look because of the street "Go" green light.

It's the articles written that I want emphasized so whatever background designing needs to leave the text very readable. I'd like it to have a webpage feel across the top with links/tabs with the basics "About", "Contact", "Support"...etc.

Does that discription sound like something your creativity could explode? But maybe we need leave it as is...and move on to something new? Seems God has us at a new junction. Let's just wait and see what unfolds before we spend any more time exploding something that may just need demolition.

By the way, I think you're hot.

Eve said...

Mr Nielsen! (Can I take you home with me? ;)

I'd be glad to tinker with your blog soon as ya know what ya want. :)